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Stunning Decking

Decking offers a great alternative to other ‘hard’ landscaping, especially when a more natural, softer finish is desired.

Softwood decking is by far the most popular, largely due to cost, and with some regular attention a softwood deck can last for many years.

If the supporting framework is constructed well then old worn deck boards can eventually be replaced at a fraction of the cost of a deck.

Nothing else quite matches the versatility and beauty of natural wood decking.

Decking raised areas are easily created, giving height and interest in the garden, the softer outline of a wooden structure teams well with and compliments planting placed around the area. As with paving, ground preparation is very important but one clear advantage of decking is that it can sit above uneven ground meaning that far less ground preparation or soil removal is required.

Perfect for creating a level surface on sloping ground, or giving a raised seating area to enjoy the view, decking is a favourite with many people.
Garden decking is at an increasingly popular demand for stylish and elegant looking gardens. We offer the best service for garden decking and affordable styles to choose from.

Decking has fast become one of the most sought after home improvements.
With Britain now regularly enjoying sunny spells in our weather, decking is becoming an essential garden feature. Laying a high quality timber deck in your garden creates a new living space for outside!

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